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Caddo River Festival Baggo Tournament

All Proceeds donated to the Call of Pike/Montgomery county


Saturday, September 4th

Downtown Glenwood (behind Bainum Library)

8:30 am Registration, 9:00 am Tournament Begins

Entry fee: $30 per team

How to Register:


Questions? Contact Ki Hartsfield or Tamara Horn at the Glenwood branch: 870.356.2299.

Rules and Scoring:

Players at the headboard will alternate pitching bags until each player has pitched all (4) of his/her bags. Players must pitch all (4) bags from their designated pitchers box. Players must not cross the foul line with their feet before the bag has landed. Each bag on the box = 1 point. Each bag in the hole = 3 points. Cancellation scoring will be used. Any bags touching the ground or “bounced” onto the box do not count and are to be removed prior to the next bag being thrown by the opposing team. The team who scores last will have the first throw of the next round. The 1st team to score 21 points or more will be declared the winner.