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By: Charlestien Harris

The economic impact of the pandemic requires us to become financially conscious. Right now, many people are still trying to organize or reorganize their finances. Knowing where you stand with your finances is critical to the success of your financial plan. By having a successful financial plan, you have the money you need, when you need it.

What does that look like? It looks like living within your means, not being in debt and have savings on hand for emergencies. Today’s blog is provided with a worksheet that will help rate your financial soundness. Visit to access the downloadable worksheet. Answer and review the financial worksheet to determine how you rate your financial fitness.

Once you have downloaded the sheet check each box for each statement that applies to you. Then look to see how you rate yourself in the explanation section. The scoring model used is for educational purposes only. This exercise is only intended to help you get a better idea of whether you are financially fit or you can improve in some areas.

Scoring model:

If your score is 0 to 8: You may need additional help.

If your score is 9 to 12: This is an indicator that financial difficulties may be looming.

If your score is 13 to 16: Your financial skills are fair but could use some additional work to reach the goals, you set for you and your family.

If your score is 17 to 20: You are doing a pretty good job and you might need just a little push to gain the financial fitness you are seeking to achieve.

If your score is 21 to 26: You can give yourself a pat on the back! You are keeping your finances fit.

Financial fitness is important. If you need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our five credit/HUD Certified Housing Counselors here at Southern Bancorp Community Partners. The websites can be found at or

For more information on this and other financial topics you can contact me at or 662-624-5776.  Until next week—Stay financially fit!