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Kimberly Enoch

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Goal Areas: Savings, Housing

When Southern Bancorp says we’re wealth builders for everyone, that means everyone. In 2020, we announced a new program for Southern Bancorp employees: one percent mortgage for any full-time employee who has been with the company for at least two years. Now we have another way of attracting mission-minded talent that will help build wealth for future generations.

When Kimberly Enoch, a grant writer and fundraiser for Southern Bancorp Community Partners, heard about the Employee Home Loan (EHL), she could hardly contain her excitement. Since 2019, she had wrestled with finding the best way to hold on to her family home in Little Rock, Ark. Originally her grandmother’s home, Kimberly had fond memories of her time there, though after her mother’s passing, a reverse mortgage on the property had been taken out by her father to assist with expenses. Fearing that the family home would be lost if something happened to her father, she used the EHL to purchase the home and pay off the reverse mortgage. Now she and her daughter Mackenzie can focus on creating new memories to go along with the countless others from Kimberly’s childhood—all while building an asset for future generations.