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Venue at Westwind

Name: Timmons, owner of Venue at Westwind

Location: Maumelle, Arkansas

Goal Areas: Savings, Jobs

When the Timmons family set out on the journey to create their dream business – a community-oriented venue to host everything from fundraisers to galas to weddings – they encountered many barriers along the way. After purchasing their first plot of land to create such a space, they realized they couldn’t afford to construct the building. Undeterred, the family then found a location in Maumelle that checked all the boxes. Then came the financial hurdles. Seven banks denied them the financing they needed. But not Southern Bancorp. With hands-on help from Commercial Lender Brian Coston and CEO Darrin Williams, Southern Bancorp was able to provide the assistance and support necessary to help the family realize their entrepreneurship dreams in ways that nobody else would.

Today, the Timmons family’s Venue at Westwind is able to fulfill its own mission of transforming ordinary moments into unforgettable memories.


“I wanted to build a legacy for my family, and Southern Bancorp allowed us to do that.”